Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Now I'm really serious about the whole crush on Tim Ferriss thing. I love it when people use their influence by directing attention away from themselves and toward the greater good. Bono and Angelina are another two of my favorites. :)

Check out how you can help direct $5 million to schools without school reform, a tax-payer initiative, or giving any money of your own! So easy. :)

They're doing a blogger push for this cause so tell your friends too. And, check out Tim's friend's non-profit- DonorsChoose.

One potential hangup- You have to have an AmEx card to vote- but if you do- vote now! :)


Shyla said...

OMG!!!!! How did I NOT know you had a blog?!


ok love... so I am gonna be in SB for a wedding next weekend (28th) I was thinking of coming up a day early or staying a day later...wanna play?? ;)

you, me, paige, aims... party party??

David said...

You girls should stay at the new place! :) I'll be in Chicago but possibly back early Sunday to watch some polo so if you the crew is gonna be here lets all go!


Vanessa said...

I can have a party at your house on my birthday?? You're so sweet DJ! ;)

(don't worry...totally kidding...that place isn't ready for us yet...)

But, seriously, who watches polo? ;)

Shyla said...

Party at the Jay pad!!! heck yes!

polo?? hmmmm.... are there cute guys? If so, Im in!

Paige Kearin said...

I'm up for it...let's party. How serious are your really about Tim?

Vanessa said...

As serious as I was about JTT in junior high and JT in high school...pretty serious. ;)