Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dum, dum, dum

A couple months ago, DJ and I had a crazy idea to buy some drums one night and start a drum circle. The drums have been whipped out at a few different hang out seshs since, to the surprise and delight of many and it seems like more and more people are catching the tribal fever! ;)

A few weeks had gone by since I connected with my primal nature and I just had the itch. I heard there may be a drum circle at the Invisible Children event this weekend so I asked my friend and co-worker Amber to come along with me in search of the beat...

Although there was no drumming to be found at The Rescue (which was a really sweet event, so check it out!), we did not despair. I whipped out my trusty iPhone (the same one that got us the drums in the first place!) and found a Drum circle listed on SB Independent Events, every Saturday from 5-8 right on the beach! Eureka!

When we got there Amber just kept saying things like "I can't believe you're serious" and "Are we really going to do this?" right up until the point that we plopped down amongst the bearded men and bohemian dancers. Amber caught on really quickly and more than anything just humored my childish excitement through the whole thing- thanks for rolling with it Ambular! ;)

I loved the crew of people that this thing drew...some classic tree-hugging and tie-dye wearing, and others, salty-seadog retirees. Amber and I kind of stuck out like a sore thumb in our cute sundresses and big grins (at least on me), but the guys were so friendly and everyone shares their drums and chats between sets. This one guy even busted out a Tai Chi/chant/animalistic dance, which was kinda weird, but yeah....

A lot of people just hang out around the periphery and listen and bask in the sun and the ocean air. It was such a gorgeous day! I'm stoked to have found yet another thing I LOVE about this place! I'll definitely be going back so let me know if you want to join me! So fun!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's time...

After an awesome run with two wonderful tri-divas and friends early this morning, I finally decided to commit myself to re-entering the sport. Watching Amy and Janey run the UCSB Olympic a few weeks ago really stirred me up and I have been hitting the beach, the trails, and the bike trying to gear myself up to train again.

So, in that spirit, I decided to put some more money where my mouth is and buy a sweet tri suit. When we trained a couple years ago, Amy was terrified of wetsuits so I just decided to forego the luxury with her. Well, we have both grown and matured, which pretty much means we're not that dumb anymore. ;)

You can fully expect to see my expression harden with this kind of intensity when I'm about to hit the water with 100+ other crazy people in May. Either that, or I'll be squealing like a little girl, as was the custom a couple seasons ago. Some things maturity just can't squeeze out of you. :)

No race dates are decided yet (apart from a half marathon birthday weekend in July!), but I'm stoked to start pushing hard again!