Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's time...

After an awesome run with two wonderful tri-divas and friends early this morning, I finally decided to commit myself to re-entering the sport. Watching Amy and Janey run the UCSB Olympic a few weeks ago really stirred me up and I have been hitting the beach, the trails, and the bike trying to gear myself up to train again.

So, in that spirit, I decided to put some more money where my mouth is and buy a sweet tri suit. When we trained a couple years ago, Amy was terrified of wetsuits so I just decided to forego the luxury with her. Well, we have both grown and matured, which pretty much means we're not that dumb anymore. ;)

You can fully expect to see my expression harden with this kind of intensity when I'm about to hit the water with 100+ other crazy people in May. Either that, or I'll be squealing like a little girl, as was the custom a couple seasons ago. Some things maturity just can't squeeze out of you. :)

No race dates are decided yet (apart from a half marathon birthday weekend in July!), but I'm stoked to start pushing hard again!

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Emily S Crawford said...

Yay!! I'm proud of you!! I will be right there with you guys....in wetsuit spirit! ha ha. :)