Tuesday, July 31, 2007


This weekend was such a blast! My roommate, Katie Burtis, and I have been planning to celebrate our birthdays together since we met- the first day of freshman year- and we finally did it!

I did a sprint tri Saturday morning and then spent the afternoon resting up for the night- dinner at El Paseo, drinks at Sandbar (where Kacie became our guest bartender!) and dancing at Tonic! It had been over a month since I'd been there and- Oh how I've missed that place! ;)

Sunday we spent the day at Leadbetter and had a bbq with my family. Oh...and I got an iPhone!! :) I felt so loved this weekend- thank you to my sweet friends and family!

Friday, July 27, 2007

One dreamline...

Mini-retirement in one of these...

Do you think they have wireless? ;)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thank you, Bobby

I've been spending the last couple days researching internet merchant accounts, payment gateways, shopping carts, e-commerce website functioning...learning more than I thought I would ever need to know about this stuff, and really enjoying it actually.

I especially love it when companies put things in graphs or charts! Authorize.net has a really cool diagram that shows you the whole process from customer to bank account and the web guys I've been working with took my notes and put together two different charts that illustrated the confusing aspects, problems, or holes in the sitemap/functioning. So cool! It totally helped the conversation when I had a conference call with the designer and developer this morning.

I am just so amazed how much it can cost to build a website with all the functioning that we as consumers expect. I have really taken it for granted how much work is put into developing the pages that just seem to appear out of thin air and take my money and send me information.

I just expect the internet to do what I know it is capable of, but I don't really think about who makes it work that way. The guys at Hydrastudio really put me in my place today- in a good way. :)

Monday, July 23, 2007

And we're off!

This week began at 12:30a.m. when I got a text from Paige..."I hope you have some coffee"...soon followed by "You=the best. XOXO Do you want to have a slumber party? It might be easier and more stimulating. There may be a lot of pts to talk over...Pushing now could = long term benefits. Love ya!"

I laughed and jumped out of bed, grabbing my laptop charger and my keys and heading out the door in my pj's to her house. I love all-nighters for all of the energy, creativity, and moments of insane laughter that are drawn out in the wee hours of the morning.

It's funny to think about the all-nighters that we pulled in college...fully believing that something significant was riding on those last few pages of a research paper.

Paige and I have now been working for the last 8 hours honing a new introduction and outline for her book. She will send it off to the former editor of Harper Collins in a matter of hours! Eeeek! :)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cat lady

I've been house-sitting for the last few days for my home group leaders. It's been really nice to have a big place to myself to work, relax, read, and re-focus.

One thing that I was not expecting when I agreed to stay for the long weekend was the zoo of animals that they have here! They have two grown cats, a dog, and a new litter of 5 kittens! They're super cute, but man, are they annoying! ;)

The first afternoon I was here they all snuggled around my laptop because it was so warm- precious, right? The next day, having already cozied up to the computer, they now decided to explore it, so every sentence I typed ended up having a hf38yt83ir somewhere mixed in.

I tried to grab a few of them and take a picture, but they just weren't having it (I have the scratches to prove it). In the process, one of them ripped the space bar key offon my computer! LOL

Here's the best I could do...

One cat- two shots.
Scaredy cat (cliche- I know) ;)

...then we're happy (well at least I am- it can't be bothered)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Now I'm really serious about the whole crush on Tim Ferriss thing. I love it when people use their influence by directing attention away from themselves and toward the greater good. Bono and Angelina are another two of my favorites. :)

Check out how you can help direct $5 million to schools without school reform, a tax-payer initiative, or giving any money of your own! So easy. :)

They're doing a blogger push for this cause so tell your friends too. And, check out Tim's friend's non-profit- DonorsChoose.

One potential hangup- You have to have an AmEx card to vote- but if you do- vote now! :)

Monday, July 16, 2007


I had such a fun weekend visiting Kacie in Santa Monica. She lives in this awesome 4-story condo with a patio on the roof that overlooks the whole city and the ocean. We spent the day shopping and walking around 3rd street and then checking out the local scene on Saturday night.

I usually love going out and Kacie is by far one of my favorite dance partners...but the Santa Monica bar scene leaves so much to be desired! The main impression that I got was that no one was really that happy to be out...they just did it because that's what you're supposed to do...especially when you're young and single. How sad!

On Sunday I had lunch with Nick and Christian and they told me about a new dating phenomenon called "Sargenting," which is sweeping the nation (watch out!). I'm not even sure I can explain it...but apparently it's big in LA, Miami, and some other city...idk. They also referred to a book that was written specifically for the purpose of helping guys perfect their "game"...(they were not advocating...).

When did the "game" become desirable?

I've always had really hard time understanding why people don't like to go out...give me techno, a dance floor and my best friends and I am in heaven!...but, I would totally hate going out too if it was all about a skilled, methodic approach to meeting people.

I think everyone should just dance...that will solve everything, just dance! ;)

Friday, July 13, 2007

I think I missed my calling...;)

I absolutely love technology! I think it would be so amazing to be at the forefront of all of the amazing things that are developing. I love to try and wrap my head around it- from simple functioning to the implications of the way we communicate, relate, do business, etc.

A few weeks ago my dad sent me this really cool video about the way the web is increasingly becoming an expression of us (its users) and the social implications of that.

Today, my friend DJ posted about this incredible video that got me thinking about the way the web can increasingly simulate experience...really thought-provoking stuff...not to mention- SO COOL!!

Anyone that knows me knows that in no way did I miss my calling....I do not belong at the forefront of these developments- I don't even like syncing my email addresses together and coding a website is way beyond my technological capabilites! I do think that the constant study and communication analysis of this stuff is incredibly interesting, though. For a while, I thought I wanted to continue with school and get a Phd. in some specified field of Communication/Media Studies so that I could always be on the cutting edge of social communication analysis as the world transforms. I loved doing research papers...yep, I'm a big dork! ;)

I've since realized that interest should not necessarily = academic career, or even further academic study. I think that a lot of people go to grad school as a default to taking the plunge into the business world, which if they're viewing as 9-5 drudgery, I don't blame them (but that is such limited thinking)!

I am so excited to be learning so much about business and finding ways to merge my interest in the transformation of communication through new technologies with what the business world wants to consume. Starting a business (especially one that is product-driven) is as much a study of people- the way they communicate, consume information, use technology- as it is anything else. I love this stuff! :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Exciting stuff!

Paige and I officially became business partners today- as far as the Secretary of State of California Article # bla, bla, bla is concerned.

The Knowledge Age School, LLC has documentation- it's official! :)

Now, we just have to get this business off the ground...not as easy to do! ;)

I'm going to create a dreamline for TKAS so you can all follow along with the fun...

In the meantime, be praying that Tim Ferriss likes us as much as we like him!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It just keeps getting better

The last few days have been such an adrenaline rush! Paige and I have been working on a new business venture for the last month or so and it is really starting to gain traction...and when I say traction, with us, that translates to burning rubber. ;) We were reflecting this morning that it really feels like God is in so much of what we're doing right and that is the best kind of encouragement we can look for.

After an incredible morning, I got to have lunch with my dad, which was an absolute treat. I showed him my new apartment and we walked downtown to eat at Tuttini, this adorable little cafe that reminds me of Europe- one of my favorite spots. It was so great to see him and hear about his new job managing a sales team at Cisco Systems. He has been such a great encouragement to me as I explore and delve into new opportunities. Today was no exception. He always offers the perfect balance of thoughtful challenge to my ideas and loving support. As I told him I am prepared to go for broke on this new venture he expressed interest and even offered to invest! How is that for a vote of confidence in your daughter?

I am on an absolute high right now...just in time to go jump in the ocean with a hundred other crazy people for NiteMoves! Yeah!

(I don't know why none of these people are wearing wetsuits- serious crazies!)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Welcome to my blog! It has taken me months and months to finally commit to immortalizing myself on the pages of "blogger." Somehow, in the little nebulous of Westmont...the world of blogging escaped my attention (fbook dominating my online-community quota might have had something to do with it), but I have since been introduced to the wonders and joys of blogging through a few friends and my business partner, Paige.

The funny thing is, for the past few months, I have been such a blog evangelist! I've had many conversations with non-blogging friends, trying to convince them of the merits of a blog: personal, relational, and professional. I've read other blogs (Seth Godin is a great example) and books, and seen the fruits of a personalized business blog. I've taken the blog lens to my life and others'- introducing the term "blogable" into my everyday vocabulary.

All this to say, it's about time I jumped in. Besides, I think that blogging is a great post-college reflective activity...and let me tell you (I will anyway, b/c I'm writing this thing ;)...I have a lot to reflect about! (See shot of me...being reflective...;)

More of that to come...stay tuned.

p.s. If you ever want to add a cheeky comment, but hesitate to push that "post" button- don't hesitate. I love cheeky comments. Have at it! ;)