Friday, July 13, 2007

I think I missed my calling...;)

I absolutely love technology! I think it would be so amazing to be at the forefront of all of the amazing things that are developing. I love to try and wrap my head around it- from simple functioning to the implications of the way we communicate, relate, do business, etc.

A few weeks ago my dad sent me this really cool video about the way the web is increasingly becoming an expression of us (its users) and the social implications of that.

Today, my friend DJ posted about this incredible video that got me thinking about the way the web can increasingly simulate experience...really thought-provoking stuff...not to mention- SO COOL!!

Anyone that knows me knows that in no way did I miss my calling....I do not belong at the forefront of these developments- I don't even like syncing my email addresses together and coding a website is way beyond my technological capabilites! I do think that the constant study and communication analysis of this stuff is incredibly interesting, though. For a while, I thought I wanted to continue with school and get a Phd. in some specified field of Communication/Media Studies so that I could always be on the cutting edge of social communication analysis as the world transforms. I loved doing research papers...yep, I'm a big dork! ;)

I've since realized that interest should not necessarily = academic career, or even further academic study. I think that a lot of people go to grad school as a default to taking the plunge into the business world, which if they're viewing as 9-5 drudgery, I don't blame them (but that is such limited thinking)!

I am so excited to be learning so much about business and finding ways to merge my interest in the transformation of communication through new technologies with what the business world wants to consume. Starting a business (especially one that is product-driven) is as much a study of people- the way they communicate, consume information, use technology- as it is anything else. I love this stuff! :)


|| davidjay || said...

I think you are on the forefront by being a content creator! Did you know that in social networks 1% of the users create the majority of the content! Crazy but you're now there creating content! Keep it up!


Deyl said...

research papers? boy, where were you when i was in college?