Monday, July 16, 2007


I had such a fun weekend visiting Kacie in Santa Monica. She lives in this awesome 4-story condo with a patio on the roof that overlooks the whole city and the ocean. We spent the day shopping and walking around 3rd street and then checking out the local scene on Saturday night.

I usually love going out and Kacie is by far one of my favorite dance partners...but the Santa Monica bar scene leaves so much to be desired! The main impression that I got was that no one was really that happy to be out...they just did it because that's what you're supposed to do...especially when you're young and single. How sad!

On Sunday I had lunch with Nick and Christian and they told me about a new dating phenomenon called "Sargenting," which is sweeping the nation (watch out!). I'm not even sure I can explain it...but apparently it's big in LA, Miami, and some other city...idk. They also referred to a book that was written specifically for the purpose of helping guys perfect their "game"...(they were not advocating...).

When did the "game" become desirable?

I've always had really hard time understanding why people don't like to go out...give me techno, a dance floor and my best friends and I am in heaven!...but, I would totally hate going out too if it was all about a skilled, methodic approach to meeting people.

I think everyone should just dance...that will solve everything, just dance! ;)


|| davidjay || said...

I agree - just dance! :)

amynave said...

Dancing is the key:) OOOOOHHHHHH girl, you missed a great hip hop class and yes I'm going again tomorrow:) I'm hooked:)

Deyl said...

baila baila baila!

Paige Kearin said...

Looks like fun

bogie said...

haha i completely agree. some people need a system to go out and have fun dancing and meeting new people.

now its accessible to all people through a great systematic approach.