Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thank you, Bobby

I've been spending the last couple days researching internet merchant accounts, payment gateways, shopping carts, e-commerce website functioning...learning more than I thought I would ever need to know about this stuff, and really enjoying it actually.

I especially love it when companies put things in graphs or charts! has a really cool diagram that shows you the whole process from customer to bank account and the web guys I've been working with took my notes and put together two different charts that illustrated the confusing aspects, problems, or holes in the sitemap/functioning. So cool! It totally helped the conversation when I had a conference call with the designer and developer this morning.

I am just so amazed how much it can cost to build a website with all the functioning that we as consumers expect. I have really taken it for granted how much work is put into developing the pages that just seem to appear out of thin air and take my money and send me information.

I just expect the internet to do what I know it is capable of, but I don't really think about who makes it work that way. The guys at Hydrastudio really put me in my place today- in a good way. :)


Katie Miller said...

I say leave the internet alone...who needs it anyway? What advances in society has it created? But I guess I can talk to you without actually talking to you....

Deyl said...

ohhhhhhh.... the files are *INSIDE* the computer!