Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It just keeps getting better

The last few days have been such an adrenaline rush! Paige and I have been working on a new business venture for the last month or so and it is really starting to gain traction...and when I say traction, with us, that translates to burning rubber. ;) We were reflecting this morning that it really feels like God is in so much of what we're doing right and that is the best kind of encouragement we can look for.

After an incredible morning, I got to have lunch with my dad, which was an absolute treat. I showed him my new apartment and we walked downtown to eat at Tuttini, this adorable little cafe that reminds me of Europe- one of my favorite spots. It was so great to see him and hear about his new job managing a sales team at Cisco Systems. He has been such a great encouragement to me as I explore and delve into new opportunities. Today was no exception. He always offers the perfect balance of thoughtful challenge to my ideas and loving support. As I told him I am prepared to go for broke on this new venture he expressed interest and even offered to invest! How is that for a vote of confidence in your daughter?

I am on an absolute high right now...just in time to go jump in the ocean with a hundred other crazy people for NiteMoves! Yeah!

(I don't know why none of these people are wearing wetsuits- serious crazies!)


Deyl said...

what do you mean burnt rubber? smells more like a brain storm in here :)

Vanessa said...

Well, as you know Deyl...I don't smell much.;)

My metaphor intended to call to mind the sound of squealing tires as we shoot out the gates!

Lucky for us, I think Tim Ferriss likes speed! ;)

amynave said...
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amynave said...

I'll give the wetsuite one more try and if I have another panick attack then I'm joining the swimsuit club:)