Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cat lady

I've been house-sitting for the last few days for my home group leaders. It's been really nice to have a big place to myself to work, relax, read, and re-focus.

One thing that I was not expecting when I agreed to stay for the long weekend was the zoo of animals that they have here! They have two grown cats, a dog, and a new litter of 5 kittens! They're super cute, but man, are they annoying! ;)

The first afternoon I was here they all snuggled around my laptop because it was so warm- precious, right? The next day, having already cozied up to the computer, they now decided to explore it, so every sentence I typed ended up having a hf38yt83ir somewhere mixed in.

I tried to grab a few of them and take a picture, but they just weren't having it (I have the scratches to prove it). In the process, one of them ripped the space bar key offon my computer! LOL

Here's the best I could do...

One cat- two shots.
Scaredy cat (cliche- I know) ;)

...then we're happy (well at least I am- it can't be bothered)


|| davidjay || said...

hf38yt83ir - that means "play with me" in catanese

Katie Miller said...

Great BBQ Vanessa...Miss Martha Stewert....

Deyl said...

DJ's comments is so clever! :)

hopefully lucy has prepared you for annoying pets!

f-liu said...

xiss is nice! I dont lake cat