Friday, September 21, 2007


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I'm back in the city and last night Josh and I went to this incredible little Italian restaurant and then to The Lion King! Thank you to my dad's fiance Teri for these amazing tickets- we were 10 rows back, center stage and it was AMAZING!! It is such a wonderful, moving story (one of my fav Disney films) and probably the most visually stunning plays I have ever seen. The dancing was phenomenal and made me feel inspired and washed-up at the same time! ;) just keeps getting better because Amy is flying in tonight and I am heading over the the Grand Hyatt to check us in now!! I cannot wait until she gets here! :)

p.s. I slacked on the blogging in Jersey...I'll post some about that later.


Anna Jordan said...

Looks like you are having tons and tons of fun!

Teri said...

Hey Vanessa, I am thrilled that you were able to use the gift certificate for such a wonderful performance in such a fantastic city. You are in your element! I truly enjoy your blog; stay safe and I love you. Teri

Deyl said...

i cried during the opening act in that show!