Thursday, August 2, 2007

Military Intelligence

This afternoon I had the privilege of driving General Henry Mueller and his wife Kathryn to various appointments in town. They are the sweetest couple!

While Kathryn had her hair done at the beauty parlor, the General and I drove around town doing errands. He filled me in on the last 90 years of his life- most of which were spent leading infantry battalions in WWII, Korea, and during the military occupation of Japan, serving as military atache to U.S. embassies in El Salvador, Panama, and Argentina, inventing/patenting the smart cart or doing military intelligence as the assistant to the Director of the CIA. Amazing.

So...after all of this talk about the military intelligence in his day, I decided to wow him with the fine little piece of technology that some of us carry around these days. I opened Google maps and showed him the satellite image of his house- right on my iPhone! He was floored! He said, "We could have used that in Japan! We would ambush and then spend hours trying to figure out where the hell we were!" Pretty snazzy. : P

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Deyl said...

is that pool i see in his backyard? always good to have more places to sneak into :)