Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Little entrepreneurs

Paige and I have had a lot of conversations about the pitfalls of the current education system and how we would like to educate our children differently. We decided we wanted to create an Entrepreneurial School for kids that teaches them to work outside of "the system" and does not loom FAILURE over their heads. Her book is going to address a non-traditional education, informed by some of the top-achievers of today that she has been in contact with. I think that this could and should be a huge paradigm shift in the world of education!

Some educators have already moved in this direction and I love to see this happening! Paige was recommended by a local speakers bureau to speak for the staff of a non-traditional middle school for girls in NorCal. It's called The Girls' Middle School...so, the name doesn't say much, but I love what they are doing!

I also found a couple websites with programs to encourage entrepreneurship in kids. I loved this quote from a Kid's Overview section: "We have all dreamed about being a sports star, singer or movie star but once you know more about entrepreneurship, it will be the next real cool thing to be." Isn't that so true? I was telling DJ the other day that I can remember wanting to be every professional career I can think of- from architect, to doctor, to lawyer, to professor..."And entrepreneur?" he asked... "Increasingly!" I responded. :)

While I have no desire at this point to become an educator or to work toward educational reform on a massive-scale, I would love to instill the entrepreneurial spirit in my kids someday. Good thing I have at least 10 years for this idea to spread! ;)

p.s. I love that the joke is way more valuable than the lemonade- ideas are a valuable commodity- smart kid! :)


Deyl said...

10 years!? naa, you're gonna be right behind us :)

Paige Kearin said...

I love it all. Let's do it. Let's change the world. I like the idea of having a huge mentoring program where kids get familar with lots of careers and roles from an early age. Thanks for sharing. I love Vanessa.

|| davidjay || said...

Everytime I write the word entrepreneur I have to google it. How come it's such a hard word. Obviously an entrepreneur didn't come up with it.

Anna Jordan said...

So as I have now creeped my way through your ENTIRE blog (and totally see the parallels of the first entry btw) I love your ideas :) and I totally want to know more about your new company. Coffee sometime??