Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"Let me just check on that...."

I spent much of the afternoon in various banks across town...well, two actually...then on my iphone with the third. I have my personal account at Washington Mutual, my F.R. Holdings account (family real estate partnership) at Wells Fargo, and a separate savings account with HSBC. bla.bla.bla.

I think banks are so funny. They're so intent on all having the best possible customer service, which I guess they have to because if they weren't smiling and asking if you want coffee then you would simply have a conniption fit watching them run around trying to figure out their own system.

My uncle wrote me a check that I had to deposit in the F.R. Holdings account, which only has his and my older brother's name on it- finances officer and CEO, respectively- simple/easy, right? So the Wells guy just could not figure out why I wanted to deposit the check even though I told him it was for the family business.

He ran around calling the lady at my uncle's bank (who was in jury duty), working with her assistant (nada) then asking if he could call my uncle (who is in Fiji for a month)...and totally ignored me when I said it was fine b/c I'm a partner and I'm not worried that I can't withdraw and- no, it's not going to disappear forever...and 30 minutes later finally came back and said, "Wow, was that confusing! He must just have done it for tax purposes..."

I could have told him that! So of course I apologize because it must be my fault it was so confusing- but seriously- do I need to explain why I want to deposit money? craziness! (I have some thoughts on the whole run-around game with taxes- but that is another post, for another day..;)

I'm so glad I had my iphone because I could just sit their calmly and let Colbie entertain me and do my other banking online. I love efficiency! HSBC has a legit online savings account- 5.05% interest! It's like a CD, but way better! :)


Anna Jordan said...

Please tell me you are referring to Colbie Caillat b/c she is my absolute favorite! And yes, hooray for online banking - without it I would be lost.

|| davidjay || said...

don't get me started about bankers!