Monday, January 21, 2008

Me encanta Sevilla

I have been in Sevilla for almost two weeks and in some ways it feels like I haven't seen half of it and in others it feels like I have been here forever. Thanks for the friendly prodding from a few of you to keep blogging. It has been kind of a challenge for me to get in the reflective mindset that blogging often necessitates (at least for me), but I know you're not asking for the here it goes.

Very simply, I love Sevilla. I love the incredible vibrancy of this city, the colors of the buildings and the sky along the river at sunset, getting lost in the windy streets of barrio Santa Rosa, the fashionista Sevillanos, the enormous parques, the uneven tempo of the day and week, the cafe fuerte (Amy you would love it), the constant walking, the month long city-wide "day-after-thanksgiving-like" sale (rebajas), copas (drinks) any time of the day or night, the buzzing discos in the wee-est hours of the morning, the most adorable ninos you have ever seen, the guapos (hay muchisimo;), the bell at my language school, the fact that Friday night I was in a piso with a Mexican, a Spaniard, Danish girls, Belgian boys, Icelandic girls, a British boy, Germans...and was the only American (and the only person who could speak less than 3 languages) in the room, the tapas, the periwinkle sky at twilight (never seen anything like it) the siestas, the distinctly Sevillan spanish- short and sweet, the Spanish (in general) who speak the same language as the latinos but with the passion and energy of the Italianos...todos Bellisimo!

Last week I moved in with a Sevillano named David. He is such a fun guy, great energy, talks to/knows everyone in this city, and so nice! He owns three businesses in Sevilla: a finance/consulting company, a tourist/Spanish fusion company called We Love Spain, and a bar called El Duende. I was directed to We Love Spain by Mara's roommate who said they may be able to help me with housing, school, job, whatever I decided (I'll explain more about their business in another post- pretty cool idea though).

David's girlfriend, Elizabeth, who is from Redondo Beach originally, co-owns We Love Spain and she hooked me up with a room in David's piso (apt.). It's typically Spanish, which means out-of-date, muchas cosas no funcionas, y hay un perro- no me le gusta...but David and Liz are so sweet, we have had so much fun together, and regardless of the ever depreciating dollar, it's still really cheap!

I'm posting a few random photos. I am seriously not a photog...I never use my camera. I think I have a lot of difficulty shattering the experience with a camera...even after seeing great use of candid shooting from friends, it still separates me...and I am so IN it right now. I think that is why I haven't blogged as well. As much as writing can add to an experience, I think it takes away a bit of the magic for me. Haha...I'm so dramatic. No te preocupas...I will keep blogging, if only to add to the experience by hearing from you all! :)

Top center- bottom right is the bridge I walk across every morning to school and any time I go to el centro (a lot)

Middle- I bought two pairs of black boots in one day- Rebajas- what's a chica to do!? (still can't rotate image, bah! oh well) *note: the incredible color of the sky at twilight

Bottom- Mara, Samara, y yo outside David's bar El's 3:30 we're giddy and it's closed :)

Besos! (cheek/cheek kisses)


Katie Miller said...

Sweet Vanessa...Thank you for writing. I think about you often, "I wonder what Vanessa is doing..." It makes me so happy to hear that you are having such a fabulous time. What is the language school like? I miss you very much.

Paige Kearin said...

Love the shots and the update. I really missed you when I was in Mexico. It reminded me of all the magic we had in 2007. I look forward to seeing you in May or June. You have a big spot in my heart!

Evan A. Crowley said...

Vanessa! it's awesome to hear from you... so you're in sevilla? It sounds like your having a great experience so far. I can't wait to read more about your adventures... and i'm sure to make it to sevilla at some point, and we'll be sure to connect up. let me know if youre ever in the basque country!

Albumesque said...

ummm hello, I need an update:)

Miss you

amynave said...

That was me:)

we love spain said...

hola vanesa!! soy el tio ese de que hablas que fue tu compaƱero de piso, con un bar, super guapo y tan simpatico...espero que nos vemos un dia!!!!