Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Sevillianos have a unique way of speaking Spanish. They shorten and/or combine most common words and they use the classic Spanish lisp. So....gracias (which was even hard for me to convert to from grazie) becomes gracia, but sounds like grathia. And that's just the beginning!

This city is so beautiful, and much nicer weather than Florence was...50-60's and blue skies at least half the day! :) Most of the streets are lined with the famous (although I never made the connection) Sevillian oranges. I was so surprised that people don't pick them, but Mara told me that they are actually quite bitter so they stay on the trees until spring, at which point, the city collects them and makes jam. Nice little revenue source for the city and so pretty to look at!

I have been so blessed so far in my travels because in each place I go (Florence and now Sevilla) I have had wonderful friends to pick me up at the airport, give me a place to sleep, and show me around! It really takes so much of the stress out of traveling. My friend Mara, who I am staying with now, is working for the Spanish government teaching English in local schools. She has students from preschool to high school level. Yesterday evening I got to go with her to a 5-6th grade class and help her teach! It was so much fun!

Today, I went on a language school/apartment/job search and found a local business (started by a California girl and her Spanish boyfriend- We Love Spain) that is going to help me find all three!

So...about these photos...yesterday when Mara and I were strolling around El Centro and the Barrio Santa Cruz we came across a strike in front of city hall. The carriage drivers that take people on tours of the city stood all of their horses in front of city hall so that they would crap all over the sidewalk and express their dissatisfaction se'. How funny is that! And of course, the riot police turned out for the intense rebellion! Mara and I just appreciated the dark handsome men in uniform and laughed at all the horse turds. :)

And then this morning, Mara brought in the newspaper with the exact same photo I took! I guess I'm not the only one that found it amusing. ;)

Time for tapas y siesta! Buenos tardes!


Allison said...

It sounds like you are having a blast!! Will you stay in Sevilla? Learn Spanish? So very exciting. xx

Deyl said...

we miss you V!! we talk about you a lot and hope to see you out in Spain!

Paige Kearin said...

V- I miss you sooo much. I can't wait to see you and connect. Your such a gem.

Megan Stichter said...

Looks like I may have to put Spain on my list of places to see...

keep blogging.. fun to see your travel journal!

amynave said...

Hey Beautiful!!!!!

Oh how I miss you:) So wait, when are you coming back:)

So thrilled that you're having an amazing time. Keep posting.

Love ya!