Monday, October 8, 2007

lakes, leaves, leinys

Last week Josh and I went up to Duluth for the Minnesota Council of Non-profits Convention. It was a couple days of workshops on fundraising, marketing- blogs and OSN's were a hot topic :)- cross-sectoral advocacy, and a lot of other organizational functions that were totally over my head (I prefer it that way, anyway). We got to stay in his friend's cabin on Lake Superior, which was incredible. Every time I looked out the window I felt like I was looking out on the Pacific ocean and the Channel Islands- it's just that huge! What was even better was the two hour drive on the highway, tree-lined on both sides with the most vibrantly colored leaves I have ever seen.

We have been working pretty much non-stop preparing for a whole slew of meetings this week. In structuring the grants and scholarships for students, we have been thinking a lot about the importance of incentive in volunteering- apart from appealing to the end-goal of community betterment. Tim Ferriss posted this week about a similar topic- how to encourage and incentivize giving. The title of his post is The Karmic Capitalist: Should I Wait Until I'm Rich to Give Back? Needless to say- the answer is No- but he gives a good argument for it and provides an interesting incentive- check it out!

Josh's family lives on Turtle lake. I like to come out on the deck at dusk and decompress with a Leiny for a bit. Beautiful, isn't it? :)


Paige Kearin said...

Awesome! Looks beautiful, sounds exciting.

Katie Miller said...

Come back soon! It sounds like you are doing a lot, thats good. I can't wait to hear alllllllllll the details.

Allison said...

wow vanessa, it sounds lovely! i'm so glad you like it out there! stay strong through all those fun meetings.

amynave said...

Wow girl, it sounds like you've both been soooo busy. Can't wait to hang!!!!!! Don't stay gone toooooo long:)

Shyla said...

woman!!! I emailed you but I got Paige's away message....hmmmm....
I need to chat with you!!! email me?