Tuesday, June 16, 2009

curls curls curls....:)

I love curls!

Curls makes me feel different. They make me feel like tossing out my makeup bag, my razors, my bras, my designer jeans, and donning a flowing skirt and chasing the eternal primal beat. Less drastically perhaps, they make me feel like it is officially summer. They feel good.

The last few days all the sweet comments about my curls reminded me of 2nd grade when my Mom had the great idea that a perm was the perfect 'do for her seven-year-old to sport on the playground. Little did she (or I) know that I would grow into a curly-Q ~ au natural, ~ one day.

I have my dear friend Kacie to thank for the recent haircut that made my curls perk up like I have never seen before. If you're down in the LA area, visit The Doves and ask for Mrs. Hengler. She is so talented and simply a delight!

And, go natural this summer. It feels so good! :)


amynave said...

You're hilarious! Please don't toss out your razors or bras:) HAHA! But yes, I LOVE your curls!

Annemarie said...

Yay for curls.....and natural ones!! You're a lucky girl.....show em off lady!!

Katie Miller said...

See you soon Curly Sue!!! haha