Monday, December 31, 2007

Too many words...suffice to say I have been challenged and blessed.


First year post-college.
Alston house.
Tri divas.
Incredible, inspiring new friends.
New depth,distance with old friends.
New family business.
Official graduation.
Christie&Garret get hitched.
Bath house.
Double-duce with Katie B.
SB Triathlon.
New York.
New family-
Teri, Sean, Zech, Ethan, Tessa.
Sabbatical life in SB.
Leaving Bath St.
Multi-family nomadic Christmas.
Packing up my childhood home.

...and getting on a jetplane.

Stay tuned- next post from Florence, Italy! :)


Emmanuel Sp├ęciale said...

Hey ! Welcome in Europe !

Michele said...

Can't wait to hear from you! Gd be with you!

amynave said...

Girl, I owe you the longest e-mail ever. I miss you terribly but I hope your time traveling and exploring is beyond amazing.

I love you so much:)

Katie said...

I miss you Vanessa. I can envision you now...big smile on your face walking the streets of Italy.